A New Cycle

by ThirdEar

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released January 21, 2013

Sam Ebel - Guitars
André Luis - Guitars
Anderson Ferret - Bass
André Sant' Anna - Vocals
Ravi Rauber- Drums

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Julio Miotto (Aug/ Dec 2012)
Recorded @ Estúdio 33
Produced By Julio Miotto & ThirdEar
Guest musicians: Mário Conde, Martin Nielskov and Júlio Miotto
Artwork by André Sant' Anna (based on an illustration by Félix Vicq d’Azyr)




ThirdEar Curitiba, Brazil

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Track Name: Det är en egendomlig och fascinerande kraft
The unknown will always be a target
of suspicion and fear
a strange and fascinating force
That will lead us to sensations
never felt before

I will believe what I see

Let the light shelter me
Let the pain abandon me
So vivid

Strange visions occur
whenever I close my eyes
I can see fast lights and the colors of thoughts

Let it always end
What had begun
A new cycle
A new journey

Always trying to absorb all this light
Curiosity shines so bright

The subconscious united
To the noblest of feelings

So sweet were her hands
The smell of a sound
The crimson of kings
The echoes of life

The lights went out
But I can see anyway

This strange and fascinating force
Moves on
Still moves on
Track Name: Off the Grid
No one heard him say
No one saw it coming
No one would have made
A difference anyway

Tones of green, blue and grey
Amidst the trees a fire breathes
And fades away

Whole days came and passed
But the doubt that stirred all this
Has stayed the same

Would have to change
His habits and acquaintances

Surveillance mode is now engaged
Imposed on every man and every woman
He liked to think that he knew what he was doing
But the map was not the territory

One million lives
One million truths

Fragments of news
Some point of view

One million truths
One million lives

To disappear
And live free
To disappear
Off the grid

Remember, remember again

Has now changed
His habits and acquaintances

Has he done the right thing?
Was it even possible?
Track Name: The Altruist
The clock stopped
A long shear of bright light
A series of low concussions
Each day is more gray than the one before

It is cold. I am growing colder

No animals have survived
As the world slowly dies
All the crops are long gone
Soon all the trees in the world will fall

The roads are peopled by refugees
Pushing their carts
There is fire on the ridges
And deranged chanting

Behold the valley of slaughter

Sometimes I tell the boy
Old stories of courage and justice
And if he is not the word of god
Then god never spoke

She was gone
Coldness - her final gift then
Dead in the darkness
I'm sorry, it's not blue
I'm sorry, she was gone

(lyrics based on the movie "The Road")